Summit Basecamp is a 4-week City Group on-boarding experience for people looking to learn about and get connected to a Summit City Group. The Summit Church is a family where men, women, and children can truly know and be known by one another, and City Groups are the primary environment where we pursue life together. Summit Basecamp is designed to give a basic overview and vision for Summit City Groups, while giving you the tools to begin building friendships and experiencing what it would look like for you meaningfully commit and contribute to a City Group. 

Basecamp is most helpful for those who have already explored The Summit by gathering with The Summit family for a few Sundays and attended a Summit Class. If you haven't already attended a Summit Class, please RSVP for the next Summit Class here.

Because we place a high value on commitment and we understand that meaningful relationships take time and practice, we ask that attendees be present for all 4 dates (Oct 10th, Oct 24th, Nov 7th, Nov 28th @ 6:30pm). If these dates do not work for you this time around, please check back later for dates of the Spring 2019 Basecamp session. 

For a more detailed explanation of Basecamp, please read this description.

Ready to experience a City Group? Register for the Fall 2018 Basecamp using the form below:

Fall 2018 Basecamp (Oct 10th, Oct 24th, Nov 7th, Nov 28th @ 6:30pm)

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