Vision Trip: Today's the Day

Tonight we'll fly to Denver for our Vision Trip! A few updates before we head out:

- Thanks to all who committed to pray for our trip. Our goal was to find 100 individuals to pray for us and we ended up with at least 134!

- God has already been moving to answer your prayers. We'll have several key meetings and have great opportunities to be toured around the city by people who know it well.

- We will be posting several updates in the weeks following our trip, including photos and video.

- If you want to follow what we're doing in "real time" follow us on Twitter this weekend. We'll regularly be posting updates.

- Finally, below is an e-mail that went out yesterday to the 134 who committed to pray for our trip. Thanks to all who have been and will continue to be in prayer for us.

Dear Project100 Prayer Partners,

While our goal was originally to find 100 individuals commit to pray for our trip, I am thankful to be writing this to 134 of you. Needless to say, we feel very excited about 134 people interceding for us as we prepare to go to Denver this weekend.

As a reminder, our request is that you would pray for us in three specific ways for this trip: Location (finding where we’ll plant within the city), Links (developing partnerships with like-minded churches in the city), and Love (growing in our affection for the city and its people).

Please know that we are thankful for each of you committing to pray for us. I know that it’s easy to think that an e-mail or blog comment offering to pray doesn’t mean much, but for those of us preparing to move halfway across the country, every one of you who is behind us is a blessing.

If flights go smoothly, we’ll be touching down in Denver at 11:30 MST on Thursday night and returning to Raleigh-Durham at 11:30 EST Sunday night. In between, a whirlwind trip will take place where we’ll continue laying the foundation for our church plant to reach this great city with the gospel. Your prayers are a great blessing, and we look forward to telling you how God answered them when we return.

For the gospel,

The Denver2011 Team