Visit to Denver

This past July I was fortunate to spend a week in Denver walking the city’s streets, talking to its people, and learning from its pastors. It was truly an amazing time where I not only learned much, but also became increasingly aware of how much is left to learn.
Over five days, I had sixteen meetings. I learned from Denver residents about what life is like in the city. I heard stories from planters of their challenges, victories, and growing love for Jesus. I experienced a great spirit of camaraderie from other Denver pastors who recognize the need to cooperate in order to reach the city with the gospel. We saw practical victories as well, as we were able to secure meeting and office space for our church through the generosity of Brad Hovis (High View Church) and his work with High View’s church planting “Hub.”
My biggest takeaway from my time there was almost paradoxical: on one hand, I feel like our passion and vision for what needs to happen in Denver has been refined and clarified. This gives me great confidence to believe that we can plant a healthy, growing church. On the other hand, I've grown increasingly aware of our inadequacies to make it happen, and how hard it is to be successful in Denver. It's a great tension - I feel more certain than ever of what God is calling us to do in Denver and I feel more certain than ever that only God can make that happen. Praise be to Him.
We’re very thankful for the interest and partnership of those reading this, and appreciate your prayers and support.
For the Gospel,
Bryan Barley