Coffee At The Point - Grand Opening

The Summit desires to be involved in the life of Denver and celebrate happenings in our neighborhood that encourage community development. Therefore, we want to feature local businesses like Coffee at The Point ( that we’ve found promote the good of the city.

On the weekend of January 22nd - 23rd, Coffee at The Point will be celebrating their grand opening. The special event will include two jazz groups performing music, a coffee cupping sponsored by NOVO Coffee, a wine tasting, and more.

Ryan Cobbins, the owner of this coffee shop, has been living in Colorado for 13 years. He and his wife live just two blocks away from the shop and are expecting their first daughter in April. If you would have told Ryan one year ago that he would be the owner of a coffee shop in Five Points, he would have thought you were crazy. However, the convenience of working so close to home and being a part of the changing Five Points neighborhood appealed to him. “The neighborhood has a stigma of not being a positive place,” he shares, but through the large windows around the coffee shop, Ryan is able to witness, firsthand, the shift that is happening in Five Points. He sees that people are proud to live here and they embrace the jazz history of the neighborhood. What Ryan loves most about Five Points is the people. “Everybody is your friend.” People from all walks of life come into the shop and they are all friendly.

There is a sense of community in the shop, and Community is one of Coffee at The Point’s values, along with Compassion, Leadership, Integrity.  These are the four values that shape life at the shop. Coffee at The Point doesn’t just want to see change in Five Points—they want to lead in the change. They want to be a positive force for the neighborhood.

To prepare for owning his own coffee shop, Ryan read several books on leadership and he realized that servant leadership is what really worked for him. “If I don’t show up to work, it won’t really matter, but if the customers don’t show up, that’s a problem.” He sees that the customers have more weight than anybody else at the shop and that’s why he does all he can to cater to them. From the furniture to the paint colors to the gelato, it’s all for the customer. His job is to serve the customer in the best way possible.  Ryan wants to make sure that this coffee shop is a living room and meeting space for you, a home away from home. Mostly he’s just excited to have the opportunity to be here. Everything seems to really click and he’s happy to offer a wide range of products (coffee, wine, gelato) suitable for the eclectic customer base. Coffee at The Point is certainly a great representation of the community at Five Points and we hope you will take some time this weekend to visit them at their Grand Opening. 

Coffee at The Point is located at 710 E. 26th Ave. Visit their website at