New Meeting Space

This Sunday we will begin meeting in a new space, Coffee at The Point. We are excited about this transition because we love local businesses. We are a community of people who care about the city and want to support businesses like this coffee shop. We thought in this very young phase of our church's life, it would be better to take the money we would typically invest into renting a building and instead, invest it in a local business. We hope Coffee at The Point will benefit financially from our presence there and we are excited to begin meeting there on Sunday nights. 

Coffee at The Point is located at 710 E 26th Ave. Denver, CO 80205.

There is free parking along the street, as well as free covered parking just next to the coffee shop on Washington Street. 

We will meet at 5PM on Sunday evenings and they will have plenty of drink and food options available for purchase. We believe anyone who has tried their hot chocolate can agree that it is the best hot chocolate in town. We are thankful for Coffee at The Point for giving us the opportunity to meet at their location and we are thankful that we have grown to the point that it is necessary to seek a meeting space larger than our living room.

We hope that you will join us this Sunday at our first gathering at Coffee at The Point.