For the Good of the City

Nehemiah is the story of God not only calling his people to a mission to rebuild a city that he loves, but also God using that mission to rebuild His people in the process. We see a beautiful picture of how God loves the city, uses His people to bring meaningful, lasting, godly change in the city, and calls His people to a lifelong mission of giving themselves away for this cause.

Our desire is that this series produces a greater love in The Summit for the city of Denver and the mission of God, recognizing that we're all called to not only give our lives to the mission to our city, but also have our lives changed in the process. As we learn from the book, such a commitment is both lifelong and incredibly costly, but being the people of God means we live out God's mission and seek the welfare of the city (2:10).

June 3 - Nehemiah 8
June 10 - Nehemiah 9:1-37
June 17 - Nehemiah 10
June 24 - Nehemiah 11
July 1 - Nehemiah 12
July 8 - Nehemiah 13