Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl has become somewhat of a national holiday. Family, friends, coworkers and neighbors gather together every year to partake in this celebration — eating lots of unhealthy food, critiquing multi-million dollar commercials and watching a (sometimes) decent football game. But most of all, the Super Bowl is about people coming together and enjoying the experience of spending time with one another. So as we gear up for the big game this Sunday, February 3rd, we want to invite you and anyone you know to come join us this year at The Summit Church to watch the game.

Instead of our normal worship gathering next Sunday, we want to commemorate the end of our Week of Service to the city by celebrating this night together. Starting at 4:00 pm, we will open the doors, provide a ton of pizza, and show the game on our big screens. Our hope is that the Super Bowl Party will not only give us a time to celebrate together, but also be a tremendous opportunity to invite new people into our community. Bring along your favorite side dish, invite your coworkers, friends, neighbors and people you interacted with during the Week of Service, and let's get ready for some football!