Easter at The Summit

Easter at The Summit (March 31st) is quickly approaching! We want you to know all the many ways you can come and celebrate Easter with us:

  • On Friday, March 29th at 6:30pm we'll have a Family Gathering where we'll celebrate Good Friday. This will be an opportunity to remember and give thanks for Jesus dying on the cross for us.

  • On Sunday, March 31st at 5:15pm we'll have our Sunday Gathering where we'll celebrate Easter and the resurrection of Christ. We'll kick off a brand new teaching series called This Changes Everything. There's something within all of us that finds stories of transformation particularly captivating. This Easter season, we'll spend five weeks looking at one of the most powerful stories of change in human history, where a man named Paul goes from terrorist to pastor because of a single encounter with the risen Jesus. Paul writes that his encounter with the resurrection changed everything for him, and as we study his story we'll learn how the resurrection is meant to change our entire lives as well.

  • Directly following our Sunday Gathering, we'll have a potluck dinner where we'll be able to cook out, meet new people, and share life as we continue to celebrate Easter. Make plans to stay after, make some new friends, and bring a side or dessert to share.

We're so excited to celebrate the resurrection with you this Easter. God is continuing to do a great work in our city, and this weekend will be one more reflection of that.