Roots Campaign Recap

Last Sunday, we concluded The Roots Campaign - our attempt to step up and go "all-in" to do the work required for The Summit to be a people who exist in urban Denver for multiple generations. Your response was astounding.

We challenged you to be:

Generous, and you responded. You responded so significantly that we can now expand our space. On April 1, we'll double the size of our facility by taking over the other side of the warehouse at 3300 Larimer Street and begin a massive renovation project to take our space to the next level.

I shared this last Sunday, but my favorite story reflecting generosity happened when the Qdoba delivery guy showed up 40 minutes early with the food we ordered for The Summit Class. He listened to the sermon and heard our vision for the future. When it came time to pay for the food after the service, he had crossed-off the area where we give him his tip. We asked him why he did that and he responded: "I heard who you guys are and where you're headed, and I want to contribute. Take whatever my tip was going to be and donate it to The Roots Campaign." Pretty amazing.

Established, and you responded. You prayed about what it looks like to approach Denver less as a city you take a few experiences from, and more like a home you give your life to. Over this campaign, we had numerous people buy homes, make significant lifestyle commitments, and take tangible steps to calling Denver home.

City-Minded, and you responded. Dozens of you committed to pray for the city and work to bless your friends, neighbors, and co-workers. You gave us the names of almost 100 people that you desire to see God change, and we prayed for every single one of them, asking and anticipating that God to do a huge work in their life.

Summit Family, I'll say it again: the way you responded was astounding. Your commitment will make a change not just in the coming months, but in coming generations. Thank you for your faithfulness, and going all-in to see God's mission advance in Denver.

For the gospel,
Bryan Barley