A Season of Change...

This Sunday (5/5) is a huge Sunday at The Summit! There are three major reasons you want to be with us for our Gathering:

1. New Series - We're beginning a new series in the book of Acts called, Movement: How God Turned the World Upside Down. We'll look at how Christianity grew from being a marginalized sect to the world's most prominent religion, and the men and women who gave their lives to this great cause.

2. New Space - You'll be the first to gather in our brand new worship space on the other side of our warehouse! We've been telling you the plans to double our space, you've seen the renovations take place, and Sunday will be the culmination of months of generosity, hard work, and prayer.

3. New Life Change - We'll be baptizing again this Sunday, celebrating the life change God has done in more people in The Summit family. If you'd like to be baptized as well, e-mail us at andy@summitdenver.org and we'll make it happen.

We're so excited about beginning this new chapter in the life of The Summit and hope you'll be there to celebrate with us. See you on Sunday at 5:15pm at 3300 Larimer Street.