Multiply Your Life

This past Sunday we cast the vision for where we're heading as a church in 2014 and beyond. The one thing we're asking God for in 2014 is for Him to multiply us.

The primary challenge we brought you is for you to pursue multiplying your life - specifically, that in 2014 you would multiply your life in three people. To help you think about doing this, we provided you with this image:

Mulitply List.jpg

This chart gives you a simple framework to think through how you can multiply the grace of God this year. As you work to identify your three people, we want you to think about the people in your life in these three categories:

- Roof - family, friends and neighbors who live in your home, duplex, or apartment building
- Routine - the people you encounter as you go to the gym, running club, work and more.
- Relationships - the neighbors, co-workers, and acquaintances who start becoming family and friends.

As you identify these three people, we want you to strive and do three things in their lives:

- Invest in their lives through loving them and blessing them so they can experience the grace of Jesus in tangible ways.
- Invite them into The Summit family, whether it's a scheduled event like a Sunday Gathering or an informal environment like hanging out at City Park.
- Introduce them to Jesus, hoping that the beautiful, powerful grace of God is multiplied in their lives as well.

We're excited to see how God is going to multiply us in 2014 and can't wait for the major difference you're going to make in your community. So, who are your three?