Reading the Bible in 2014

Last night we challenged you to read the entire Bible throughout 2014. Here are some resources to help make this a reality:

1. A Plan

There are lots of plans that you can use to read through the Bible. The one we're using can be found here. You can either print this off as a PDF, or you can follow-along on your smart phone using the Bible App. If you use the app, just search "Discipleship Journal Book at a Time" under Bible reading plans and you can follow along from your phone.

2. A Bible

There are also a multitude of Bible translations. We use the English Standard Version (ESV) at The Summit and have copies available for free. Just ask for one at any Sunday Gathering you attend.

3. A Community

One of the best ways to go through the Bible is in community. We'd encourage you not to take this journey alone, but instead to grab a roommate, family member, friend, or someone in your City Group to hold you accountable and challenge you to not just start this journey but also to finish it.

Take the Plunge

We know a new year just began, but try to already think about this coming December, and how amazing it will be to have read the entirety of the Bible. We believe you giving a few minutes a day to read your Bible in 2014 will not just be an incredible accomplishment, but a life changing experience.

Your word is a lamp to my feet
    and a light to my path.

- Psalm 119:105