30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World

June 28th might not mean anything to you. Perhaps you're just excited that summer is here and can't wait for all of the great events and festivals that our city has to offer. Yet for a significant part of the world, June 28th begins the holy month of Ramadan. Just the mention of the word "Ramadan" may evoke many different responses or feelings, or perhaps nothing at all if you have never heard of it. Ramadan is observed by Muslims every year and is a time where Muslims will refrain from many activities and take time to re-focus their lives on their beliefs and observing the foundations of Islam. Most significantly, Muslims will fast from sunrise to sunset and hold community meals and prayers in the evening.  We (as Christians) can choose to react to Ramadan in many ways—some dismiss this as just another religious festival, others fear the unknown of what this may mean for tumultuous world events that we see unfolding in the Middle East. Alternatively, as followers of Christ we can use this time to engage with Muslims and most importantly pray for them—specifically that Jesus would become for them the very person of God and they would experience the amazing joy and transformation of faith in the Savior of this world. This is not an easy step for Muslims and many of us cannot even know the extent to which this might cost them. But we can choose to know Muslims, seek to understand who they are, and diligently pray. Will you join us during this month of Ramadan in praying for Muslims across the globe?