Resources for Your Week

Every Monday someone (typically Andy) will offer some questions to help you think through Sunday’s sermon better. There will also be a few additional resources (typically from Bryan) that helped develop what was taught on Sunday, as well as the occasional bonus resource that might help you as you process what’s currently going on in culture.

Yesterday, we kicked off our study in the Gospel according to Mark - here are two resources that might be helpful in your own personal study:

Max McClean’s Performance of The Gospel According to Mark - One commentary I read mentioned that Mark’s Gospel isn’t meant to be read as much as heard, considering it was written to a highly illiterate culture that would have to gather in rooms to hear the message for themselves. This is a dramatic portrayal that offers a unique opportunity to “hear” the text rather than just read it.

How should we respond to reports that a fragment of Mark dates to the first century? - A recent archeological discovery that helps affirm the early dating and authenticity of Mark’s writing.


A Biblical Meditation on the ISIS Execution of 21 Christians - As we weep for our brothers and their families, this is helpful in thinking Biblically about the great tragedy that shocked the world yesterday.

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