Resources for Your Week

Every Monday someone (typically Andy) will offer some questions to help you think through Sunday’s sermon better. There will also be a few additional resources (typically from Bryan) that helped develop what was taught on Sunday, as well as the occasional bonus resource that might help you as you process what’s currently going on in culture.

I might be biased because of my own Irish heritage, but with Saint Patrick's Day coming tomorrow, I felt it appropriate to recommend three related resources to help you better understand the true heritage of Patrick, and the work he did in the lives of the Irish people.

This is a short video capturing the story of Patrick's life in two minutes.

St. Patrick of Ireland is an excellent biography on his life. 

And somewhat related, the book The Search for God and Guinness is an excellent resource as well. Sometimes alcohol is a touchy subject within the church, but no matter how you might feel, the way the Guinness family saw their brewing as a calling from God and leveraged their success for the good of their city and employees is a marvelous example of what it looks like to leverage one's faith in business and industry.

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