Resources for Your Week

Every Monday someone (typically Andy) will offer some questions to help you think through Sunday’s sermon better. There will also be a few additional resources (typically from Bryan) that helped develop what was taught on Sunday, as well as the occasional bonus resource that might help you as you process what’s currently going on in culture.

Yesterday we discussed how the bizarreness of Jesus' baptism actually presents beautiful and practical truth for our lives. Here are some more resources to help you better understand what we discussed:

The Summit on why we baptize the way we baptize - We discussed briefly why we as a church baptize by immersion after someone has professed their faith in Jesus. Here is another concise summary as to why we practice baptism in this manner.

Wayne Grudem on the Trinity - I received a number of questions after yesterday’s sermon about better understanding the Trinity. This is the chapter on the Trinity from Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology.


A Trinitarian Prayer for your week (see page 3) - this is a beautiful prayer from The Valley of Vision that I prayed several times yesterday in preparation of preaching about the Triune God. I hope it can be an encouragement to your week as well.

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