Jesus Redefines Family - Part 2: Meredith Knodel

Seeing Jesus challenge our definition of family in Mark 3:33-35, we've asked a few members to write about what this means for the church and for their daily lives. Check out Part 1 by Justin Almas here and don't miss next week's post by Stephanie Devincenzo.

I have discarded the notion that life holds a point of arrival. Accepting the invitation to share my heart for this community that I lovingly call family, I sit amazed at the great changes God has made in my life through The Summit and am encouraged to know He isn’t finished.

It has already been, and at the same time, only been 3 ½ years since I have attended church at The Summit. Throughout college and my first couple of years in Colorado I didn’t have consistent Christian community. I did begin “church shopping” once relocating to Denver, mainly to appease my mother and her persistent requests. I committed to visiting numerous churches multiple times and quickly became discouraged. My efforts to find a church dwindled, as did my belief of one’s existence where I could experience both growth and alongside a congregation that I closely related to.

The Summit kindled a fire almost instantaneously. I remember being asked by the pastors after my first visit to come again. In my mind I was already hooked. I felt my eyes had been awakened. The Bible’s teachings had never seemed more evident with the gift of discernment shared by the pastors. The Scriptures were free from disconnect that I often felt and the belief that it was filled with ancient advice that held no merit today. 

The challenges of application had been issued and I realized I was being called to obedience. True to form, stubbornness set in. I felt uneasiness as an internal war was being waged on my soul. God refused to stay confined to Sundays, my attempt to compartmentalize and keep order. I was getting territorial. As in any relationship, I felt there was need of compromise in order for us to both to have satisfaction.

While busy negotiating the call on my life, he was drawing me close to the stories of those living a surrendered life. They sounded familiar. I found myself relating and empathizing with people of my city group, where brokenness was shared and reconciliation was celebrated, all to His glorification. My knowledge of God and His word increased and my desires began shifting focus; a gaze that was so naturally and selfishly inward was being redirected upward.

The expectations I had had for my life and those in it are lost. My friends at The Summit have become brothers and sisters, offering enrichment with their grace and wisdom. Though there was a period of mourning, I have found fulfillment in the roles He has placed me in to serve and comfort in the community of people and city of Denver where He holds me.