Get to Know Our Elder & Deacon Candidates: Mark Henderson

The Summit Church is structured as a Jesus-ruled, elder-led, deacon-served, congregationally-responsible church as demonstrated in the New Testament. For the next few weeks we'll be profiling our current elder and deacon candidates so you can get to know the men and women who lead and serve The Summit Church.

Mark Henderson - Elder Candidate

Tell us a little about yourself

I feel lucky to be one of rare natives of Colorado and I've enjoyed growing up and living in such an amazing place. I grew up on the southeast side of Denver. I attended Colorado State University in Fort Collins where I graduated with a civil engineering degree. After living and working for a number of years in Fort Collins I met my wife Angie. We were married in 2011 and moved to Denver in 2012 allowing Angie to accept a position as a professor at Colorado Christian University (CCU). Upon moving to Denver we were excited to find the Summit and jump into being a part of a unique church plant and community. Since being in Denver we've moved to the awesome Clayton neighborhood and have two amazing children named Cedar and Paige.  Angie teaches part time for CCU and I work as an engineer in the water quality control division of the state health department. Our family loves the mountains, hiking, and cooking good food at home or outside on a camp stove! 

Why are you excited to serve as an elder at The Summit?

The community at the Summit as well as a commitment to preaching the gospel in the City is what excites us and motivates us to be committed members. We have greatly enjoyed leading and participating in city groups and seeing God transform the lives of friends, co-workers, and neighbors. I feel honored to serve the Summit as an Elder and I'm excited to see our community grow in faith and in number. It's really an incredible time to see that as Christians we can both be an integral part and an influence for good in this city. I'm really excited to see our church impact international communities. I have deep passion for international missions especially in Latin America. I believe we have amazing people at the Summit who I are gifted in impacting urban areas and I'm really looking forward to see our church impact urban areas around the world.