Resources on the Gospel and Race

Yesterday, Bryan preached about how as we live lives on God's mission, we have the responsibility to think well about how the gospel informs our understanding of race, ethnicity and culture. In order to help you grow further in your understanding of these complex issues, we wanted to provide some additional resources.

Click HERE to listen to Bryan's sermon, "Life on Mission: Race".

1. D.A. Horton's Reading List

Under the subpoint for "Intellectual Equipping," D.A. provides a reading list that's a helpful starting point for developing a reading list. D.A. will be with us in March 2017 to speak further about matters of the gospel and race.

2. Tim Keller and Bryan Stevenson - Grace and Race

A thoughtful dialogue that provides a helpful framework for thinking biblically and engaging practically.

3. Malcom Gladwell - Carlos Doesn't Remember

The story of a young man's struggle to break the cycle of poverty - a helpful narrative that humanizes and personalizes the realities of systemic injustice and privilege.

4. ESPN's O.J.: Made in America (Particularly Parts 1 and 2)

The first two parts of this documentary do a fantastic job setting the historical backdrop of America's mishandling of race, and how this has contributed to much of the tension and controversy that we're experiencing today.