Three Requests in Anticipation of Launching our Third Gathering

Hey Summit Family, 

I was recently reading an article by one of my mentors, and he wrote something that really struck me as he talked about how the church’s prayers are meant to impact the community in which they exist: “people were supposed to hear about this prayer-answering God and come to the temple and experience a prayer-answering God. That’s the reputation we are supposed to have, in Jesus’ name, in our community.” 

Since The Summit’s earliest days, we’ve desired to experience something so astounding that the only explanation is that God stepped in and moved - a request we’ve been fortunate to see granted. But as we take this next great step of faith to add a third gathering, I wanted to remind you of the three big requests we’ve been making of God this year, and call you to prioritize a time of intentional prayer in the coming days to ask God to move in these specific ways:

1 . God, multiply your presence, through us, to our city and world

One of the unique privileges of belonging to the church is we have the privilege of being the “body of Christ.” That’s more than a churchy saying - it’s a unique opportunity. Whenever we’ve multiplied in 2016, whether it was us helping start a new church in Guatemala City, planting a new church in Denver, or launching this third gathering, we’ve had the chance to give the people around us a greater opportunity to see the goodness of what life looks like when Jesus Christ is Lord. 

2. God, let our church grow in the most difficult, beautiful way possible

One of the aspects I love of launching a new expression of the church is it creates empty space in the room that reflects that our mission is only just beginning. While we love seeing anyone join our church and love helping people who already identify as followers of Jesus grow deeper in their love and obedience of God, we are asking God that we see much of our growth in these new gatherings come through our friends, neighbors, and coworkers becoming followers of Jesus.

3. God, let your supremacy be further reflected in our diversity

We also are praying that as we launch these new expressions, we grow not just numerically, but also in ethnic, generational, and socioeconomic diversity. We have been asking God to grow our diversity as a church not because this is a concept that happens to be in vogue in the modern era, but because we believe that this is aligned with the heart of God, and that His supremacy is best reflected in the church’s diversity. The challenges in this request seem overwhelming, but we serve a God who does “immeasurably more than we could ever ask or imagine.”

Summit family, my heart is full and my hopes are high. Please join me in asking God to do these things in the life of our church and our community, and let’s await with great expectation His movement for our joy and His fame. Please know we love each and every one of you very much.

For the gospel,