30 Days of Prayer for the Nations - North Africa

This summer, we are participating in 30 Days of Prayer for the nations. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing stories from men and women in our church family who have actively invested in making Jesus known across the nations.



God is at work here.

He is moving in the hearts of this people and building His church.

Although we weren’t here long, we kept hearing stories of Muslim peoples having strange dreams and visions. Many have the same dream.

I met an Arabic teacher who had a dream. She was trapped in a room with many others. The room began filling with water to the point that they were on the verge of drowning. Then, she saw a man in white. He told her not to worry, because he would save her. Then, she recognized him. Jesus, the Son of God. Dreams like this one are taking place all over the world. Thousands of Muslim peoples are having dreams about Jesus.

Hi, this is Peter. I just finished my degree at Colorado Christian University and I’ve been a member of the Summit for the past year and a half.  I traveled to North Africa last summer for a three-month missions internship. I spent time being mentored by full time missionaries, traveling to different unreached people groups, and simply building relationships with local people over coffee or tea.

Most people that live there are Berbers. Almost all Berbers identify themselves as Muslim. In fact, there are so few Christians. I only met one local believer in Jesus during my three month stay. They are significantly poor.  Berbers live on a fraction of the average American income. Despite their lack of material resources and money, they are amazingly kind and hospitable. We were invited into homes for tea and coffee on numerous occasions, sometimes by a total stranger we met on the street. Hospitality is a huge emphasis in Islam. However, I observed a constant “reaching out” for more in this life. They weren’t finding it in Islam. Islam teaches that acceptance by God may only be attained by compiling good deeds over one’s lifetime.  Even if a Muslim lives a “good” life, there is still no assurance that God will accept them. As followers of Jesus, we believe that salvation comes only by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. It’s tragic because most Berbers don’t see the amazing grace and relationship that God is offering them. In fact, most of them have never heard.

God is not partial. He is gathering His people from every corner of the earth. The gospel truly is for people of every tribe, nation, and tongue.                             

Would you pray for the Berber people in North Africa? Here are three ways you can:

  1. Pray that God would mobilize more followers of Jesus to go to the Berber people in North Africa.
  2. Pray for doors to be opened in order for more missionaries to gain access to closed countries where the Berber people live so that the gospel may spread more freely.
  3. Pray for Berber Muslims to have more dreams and visions of Jesus that lead to salvation through the gospel.

For His glory among the nations,

Peter recently graduated college with a business degree and is attending Southern Baptist Theological Seminary starting this summer to obtain a degree and training in global missions. After graduating, he plans to go as a missionary to unreached Muslim people groups.