Flourishing Life: Family (Part 2)

As we shift our focus onto our second core value, Community, we're asking God to help our Summit family flourish in some of the most practical areas of life. Over the next 8 weeks, we'll be looking at what it practically looks like to pursue health in our financesfamilyrest, and relationships.


This week in the Flourishing Life series, we're continuing to look at how the gospel shapes our families, particularly how we disciple and parent children. Whether you're single, a parent, a grandparent, or a caretaker, we believe that all members of the church family has the ability and opportunity to shape and disciple our youngest family members.

Check out the resources below and mark your calendars for our Flourishing Families seminar on September 19th! We'll spend an evening learning and discussing what it looks like to meaningfully connect children to the truths of the gospel.

How to Effectively Bring the Gospel into Your Parenting | Jeff Vanderstelt

Why Parenting Strategies Won't Work | Paul Tripp

A Prayer for Parenting and Re-parenting by Grace | Scotty Smith

How to Bring the (Whole) Bible to Life for Kids | Jimmy Needham

Training Our Children to Pray | Jeff Vanderstelt