Flourishing Life: Relationships (Part 2)

As we shift our focus onto our second core value, Community, we're asking God to help our Summit family flourish in some of the most practical areas of life. Over the next 8 weeks, we'll be looking at what it practically looks like to pursue health in our financesfamilyrest, and relationships.


To wrap up our Flourishing Life series, we're continuing to look at how the gospel shapes our relationships. This week, we're specifically exploring how marriages can be radically transformed by the grace and truth of the Bible. Dive into the resources below to learn more.

The Purpose & Privileges of Marriage | Garrett Kell 

Restore the Sweetness to your Marriage | Stacy Reaoch

How the Gospel can Transform Your Marriage | Phil Auxier

Married to Weakness: Loving Our Spouse Through Suffering | Sarah Walton

4 Everyday Graces for an Imperfect Marriage | Daryl Crouch

How Singles Can Contribute to a Marriage Culture | Jennifer Marshall

Marriage | Ben Stuart