Lots and Lots of Instagrams...

Summiteers, I need your help. We are getting ready for a really big Easter here at The Summit, and to celebrate, we are going to begin a new series on Easter Sunday called "This Changes Everything". We will take five weeks to examine how Jesus' life, death and resurrection changes everything about our world and our lives. 

To communicate this, I need your Instagrams (or some other sort of square photo with a cool filter/border applied). And I need lots of them - 1,000 of them to be exact. Send me a handful of your best Instagrams of your friends, your food, your adventures, your everyday life, whatever. 

I need your pics by Tuesday, March 12 and you can simply tag your Instagrams with the hashtag #TCE (This Changes Everything) or email them to me at bturney@summitdenver.org.

What exactly they'll be used for is a secret for now, but I promise it'll be pretty cool. Thanks for your help!