Fall Kickoff!!!

On September 9th, The Summit Church is planning a Fall Kickoff...and we want you to be a part of it! Several important things will be happening that night that you need to know about, as well. 

Not only are we starting a brand new teaching series in 1 Peter called "Trial + Triumph," but we're also going to stick around and watch the Broncos' season opener on the big screens after our normal service. Food will be provided by our City Groups, so come ready to eat.

 Finally, we're celebrating our newest Summit members' decisions to follow Jesus and get baptized! We couldn't be more excited about this, and would like to extend the invitation to you, as well. If you're interested in becoming a Christian -- or you've never been baptized since deciding to follow Christ -- email andy@summitdenver.org and we'll help you take this next step of faith in following Jesus.

 We look forward to celebrating the Fall Kickoff alongside you, so be sure to make plans to attend. September 9th at 5:15pm -- see you then!


Easter at the Summit

Easter is coming up very soon on April 8th, and The Summit is planning some big time things. Easter is a time when we specifically reflect on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, and we look forward to celebrating this event in a big way. Some ways we're going to do this are:


We will be baptizing a number of men and women on Easter Sunday. We have several people already signed up to take that step and be baptized that weekend, and we want to extend the invitation to anyone who has either never been baptized or even baptized in a meaningful way. This is an awesome opportunity, and if you are interested please contact Andy at andy@summitdenver.org.


Along with baptisms, we will be sharing a meal immediately following the service that night. You will receive information from your City Group leaders as to what food you can bring. If you aren't a part of a City Group yet and still want to contribute, please email Melanie Woods at melaniewoods101@gmail.com and she can fill you in on how you can help.


We want to make sure as many people from our city are able to celebrate Easter with us. We’ve created some posters and inviter cards for you to help spread throughout the city - coffee shops, gyms, bars, workplaces, wherever. Help us spread the word to as many of our neighbors as possible!

Easter is a big deal. You and everyone you know is going to want to be here for it. So make plans to join us at 5:15pm on April 8th for our Easter Sunday celebration!