Scatter Sunday

On February 4-5th, all six of our City Groups will be participating in Scatter Sunday. During this time, we will be reaching out to those in need, serving our city, and finding practical ways to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ amongst our neighbors. We will not “gather” that Sunday evening for our normal service; rather we will “scatter” as the people of God who live on mission for Jesus Christ.

One of our core beliefs at The Summit is that the primary purpose of the Church is to exist as a community of missionaries, united around Jesus Christ, to demonstrate and declare his love to others. At times, we gather together to celebrate what He has done in our lives, learn how to follow him, and listen to his Word proclaimed…and at other times we scatter to engage our city as Christ’s ambassadors to Denver. We truly believe that our community does not just exist for ourselves; rather we exist for the joy of others!

For this reason, our City Groups continually look for ways to serve Denver and reach out to those who are otherwise ignored. Whether this is working alongside our local elementary schools, serving refugee families, or celebrating with neighbors at a Super Bowl party, we want to be involved in the lives of our friends who don’t yet know God.

If you would like more information about how to participate in Scatter Sunday, joining a City Group, or serving our community, please email for details. We would love to have you participate!