Mission Opportunities

Our city and world rely heavily on the ministry of the local church. We do not merely exist for ourselves, but rather for the joy and flourishing of the people around us — even to the ends of the earth! This means we are passionate about engaging our neighbors both locally and globally with the genuine love and life-changing truth of the Gospel! 

In that, rather than caring for the needs around us by generating ministries from within, our philosophy is to partner with local organizations from without. In other words, we desire to equip our people for gospel ministry and then connect you with local organizations that are already engaging tangible needs in a powerful way.

The following is a list of recommended ministries we encourage our people to partner with in order to serve and love the community around us. Included with each organization/area of service is an email contact for members of our church who are already actively serving in these areas.

At-Risk Youth

At-Risk Adults

International Missions

Local Orphan Care