Welcome to The Summit Church Family!


We are so excited about you joining in God's movement through our community and hope that The Summit is a place where you can love and follow Jesus well! If you haven't already, please read and electronically sign the Member Covenant (physical copies are also available to pick up on Sundays if you prefer).

The purpose of this page is to provide you with next steps as a new member of The Summit family. The categories listed below will help you best understand how to support The Summit Church and God's mission in Denver through all of your resources — your time, money, energy and the gifts that God has given you!

As a final note, I’d encourage you to simply take some time to personally pray and process where God’s Spirit is leading you to dive in and get involved — both in supporting The Summit and engaging our neighbors. We will be praying along with you and would love to help however we can. It’s a huge blessing to have you as a part of the Summit family. Thank you for your support, encouragement and sacrifice!


Support The Summit Financially

In order for this gospel movement to continue forward, we rely heavily on the financial support of our members. We understand that everyone's financial position is different, so we simply encourage you—as a follower of Jesus and a covenant member of The Summit—to be generous, sacrificial, and consistent in the way you financially give. When you do so, you will not only be supporting The Summit and our efforts to bless Denver, but this also allows us to help plant churches across the country and support foreign missionaries around the world.

The easiest way for you to financially support The Summit Church is by clicking here and creating an online profile to begin scheduling your giving.

We would recommend, for the sake of consistency, to set up a recurring online payment that will be automatically donated at regular intervals. If you prefer to give in person or by check, feel free to bring your offerings on Sundays and place them in our giving boxes.

Serve at The Summit

We rely heavily on the sacrificial service of each of our members to help us prepare for and carry out our Sunday gatherings week after week. In an effort to care for our members well and prevent anyone from overcommitting, we ask for all of our members to commit to serving on one of our volunteer teams (Summit Kids, Setup, Greeting, Summit Music, Media, or Prayer Team) at least one Sunday per month.

The best way for you to get connected to one of our teams is to reach out to Stephanie indicating the team that most interests you, along with any questions or concerns you might have. We would love to help you explore the various volunteer opportunities and help you find the best fit.

Join a City Group

City Groups are the primary environment where we pursue life and mission together. These are small communities of men, women, and children that gather regularly to share a meal, share their lives, and engage in mission. We believe that being a part of a city group is integral to being known and knowing others at The Summit in a meaningful way.

The best way to connect to a city group is to register for our next Basecamp event. You can find out more details and register here.

Serve Our Neighbors

Our city and, ultimately, the world rely heavily on the ministry of the local church. We do not merely exist for ourselves, but rather for the joy and flourishing of those around us - even to the ends of the earth! This means that we are passionate about engaging our neighbors both locally and globally with the genuine love and life-changing truth of the Gospel!

Our desire is to equip our people for ministry and then connect you with local organizations that are already engaging tangible needs in a powerful way.

The best way for you to get connected to one of these opportunities is to take a look at the organizations here and reach out to the appropriate contact listed next to each organization.