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The Gospel According To Mark

It’s amazing how an encounter with another person can change us. The music of a performer we’ve never even seen live, the words of an author who has already passed, the unlikely kindness of a stranger we’ll never see again - even these interactions are so profound that we’re not only quick to share with others how they’ve impacted us, but even willing to admit that they play some role in shaping our passions and identity. 

One of the most beautiful aspects of the Christian faith is that it is not primarily a set of rules to follow as much as an encounter with God Himself. And while this encounter is mysterious, it’s also quite simple. God became man in the person of Jesus so we can fully meet Him, know who He is, and be forever changed as a consequence. As we study The Gospel According to Mark, we’re gifted the opportunity to truly encounter Jesus, and form a relationship with him that becomes the most shaping relationship in our lives.